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cannot entitle a man to any property, according to the
L Bodi Reddi proved that the kanayacci belonged to his
family, by filing the jayalekha which his ancestors had
formerly obtained from the dharmasam held at Acyutaraya*
pura ayrahara.
Therefore, as Undavolu Bodi Reddi has shown that the
kamyacci was acquired by legal means by his family which had
been enjoying it for a long time unquestioned and uninterrupted
in the presence of his opponent and with his knowledge, we
declare that the JcByaytcei belongs to the said B3di Reddi; and
that Devi Reddi has no right to it. Moreover, in our opinion
it is outrageous that this question which had been formerly
settled by the Mahajanas of Salakasamudra and Cikkapalli in a
jayattkha should have been sent to us, although there is no
cause for fresh investigation.' Having decided in this manner
we. grant a j&yapatra to Undavolu Bodi Reddi. It should b.e
returned to him after your perusal.
The document bears the signatures of 40 people of Salaka-
samudra, and it was written with their consent by the
karanam Timmaraju of Tadipatri.
Kaifiyat efMi&ra: L.S. 37, pp. 311 ff.